Senior Adult Ministry

The Senior Adult ministry of Fairview Baptist Church has as its purpose to communicate and share God's love to those in the church family, and to those outside the church.  This ministry exists for the purpose of serving, not being served; of giving, not receiving.

In the pursuit of this purpose the senior adult ministry will emphasize four ministry areas:

1. Evangelizing unchurched senior adults

2. Involving senior adults in meaningful ministry and service.

3.  Facilitating the growth of senior adults toward Christian maturity and discipleship, and

4.  Providing fellowship opportunities for senior adults in their relationships with others.

Those of us who are 60 and over need to ask ourselves these three questions.  Who is God in my life right now?  Who am I in this powerful new season of my life?  What shall I do with the years that remain?  Join us and help us all answer these questions during this time of our life.